Golden Visa alterations from January 2022



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UK Nationals Resident in Portugal

UK nationals resident in Portugal after the end of 31/12/2020 are asked to exchange their current EU residence document for one that confirms their status as a resident under the Withdrawal agreement.

If you were living in Portugal before 1/1/2021 but have not registered as resident, you will need to keep evidence that you arrived intending to live here. The process for this has not yet been formalised by the Portuguese government.


Portugal Post Brexit for UK Nationals

UK nationals are allowed in the Schengen Area for stays of up to 90 days in a rolling 180-day period without requiring a visa.

From 1 January 2021 permission is required from the Portuguese Border and Immigration services (SEF) to stay longer than 90 days.

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Application for
Portuguese Residency 2021

If you are in the UK and want to apply for Portuguese residency you will need to make an appointment to apply for a Visa . Visas are issued by VSF global

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Current Covid situation in Portugal
and de-confinement plan

The current rate of transmission in Portugal is 0.80 in all regions with between 60 to 119 cases per 100,000.
The general rules from 15 March are:
Work from home whenever possible.
Opening hours: until 9pm during the week. 1 pm at the weekends.
No travel between municipalities on 20 and 21 Marc and from 26 March to 5th April.
Nurseries, Pre-school and Primary school’s return.
Local shops will open along with hairdressers, barbers and manicurists, book stores, car trade and real estate.
Secondary schools return.
Museums , monuments etc open. Stores up to 200m2 with door to the street can open.
Restaurants and cafes with a terrace maximum of 4 open.
Low risk sports. Outdoor physical activity up to 4 , gyms without group classes.
High schools and universities return.
Cinemas and theatres open. All stores and shopping centres. Restaurants ,cafes, max 4 inside 6 on terraces.
Medium risk sports. Outdoor events with reduced capacity.

Not registered but living in Portugal before 31/12/20

SEF have confirmed that if you arrived in Portugal before the31 December 2020 and you are not resident or don’t intend to become resident, and you are still in Portugal due to the COVID -19 travel restrictions, you do not need a visa or further authorisation to stay in Portugal longer than 90 days.

As the right to free movement was being exercised when you arrived, and you are not subject to immigration control.

Fiscal Representation for UK nationals with Portuguese Tax numbers

The Secretary of State for Tax affairs issued the order 514/2020 for the requirement for UK nationals with Portuguese tax numbers to appoint a Fiscal Representative. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic this has been extended until 30 June 2021. There is a penalty for non-appointment that may vary between €150 and €3,750.

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