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Trusts & Foundations

There are many benefits to holding your international investments, property portfolios and other high value assets in structures using trusts, foundations and companies that we professionally manage for you.

Wealth structuring can be a complex matter, and it is important that good advice is received before the structure is implemented to ensure that it is right for you.

The type of structure selected will depend on the unique objectives of each of our clients. We consider your reasons for setting up the arrangement, your tax residency and the type of assets that you intend to place into the structure.

We have a skilled team experienced in helping our clients navigate through the key features of the different solutions available and will work in conjunction with lawyers and tax advisers to establish the optimal structure for you.

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Trusts are an effective estate and succession-planning solution. They allow families to transition their wealth from one generation to the next. Using the services of a corporate trustee will ensure your assets are professionally managed. This provides the peace of mind that the structure will work in a way that protects the wealth and interests of your future generations.

We are licensed in Gibraltar to act as corporate trustees for trusts established under the proper law of Gibraltar. We set up and administer the trust and any related entities throughout its lifetime and fulfil all the obligations required of a trustee. We can assist you whether you are a private individual, a family office or an intermediary. If you have an existing trust that you wish to review, we can help you determine whether changing the domicile of your trust to Gibraltar may be an attractive option for you.

We are proud of our client-centric approach. Our personalised service inspires confidence, and we go to great lengths to work with you and your adviser to produce a bespoke trust deed that is legally and technically compliant and considers your intentions, wishes, individual requirements and, above all, meets your expectations.


Gibraltar resident trustees.

Provision of corporate or individual directors.Strong corporate governance.

Professional corporate trustee with 46+ years’ expertise.

STEP qualified practitioners.

Access to a global network of trusted tax advisers, legal advisers, investment managers and banking partners.

Ability to assist with the entire structure.

In-house book-keeping and trust accounting.

Favourable tax jurisdiction.

A friendly team that will understand your requirements.

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Abacus Is a Leading Independent Provider Of Trust Administration Services Based In Gibraltar.

Types of Trusts


Key atributes of your service provider

One of the most important decisions you will have to make when establishing your fiduciary structure is your selection of service provider.

A fiduciary relationship requires you to place confidence, trust and a reliance on a third party provide to manage your assets on your behalf, as you would have done.

The key qualities and attributes that define an excellent corporate trustee must include:

The corporate trustee must put the beneficiaries’ interests before their own.
Professional competence
Technical competence and robust knowledge of the laws and regulations and their practical application is paramount.
Dealing with complexities
A trustee must have the experience and ability to deal with the complexities of these structures and the ever-changing family circumstances that may arise. This know-how will enable the trustee to act quickly and decisively when required.
Trustees have a legal obligation and responsibility to manage the affairs of those that they represent.
A trustee must always act in good faith and avoid conflicts of interest.

Our most popular trusts include discretionary trusts, fixed interest trusts, asset protection trusts and purpose trusts. We also administer trusts created by a Will.

Here are a few of the main practical uses of trusts:

Uses of Trusts

Trusts provide solutions for a range of financial planning challenges and they offer great flexibility as part of estate and succession planning and the management of assets.

Here are a few of the uses of trusts:

Protection of assets
Preservation & continuity of family wealth
Avoidance of probate
Imigration / emigration
Prevention of division of assets
Flexibility and confidentiality
Forced heirship
Tax mitigation

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Gibraltar Foundations are an excellent way for wealthy individuals and families to manage and distribute wealth for present and future generations. They may be created quickly and easily, requiring minimal filing procedures and organisation formalities.

A Foundation is sometimes interpreted as a hybrid of a company and a trust, but in fact, this is not the case. It is a distinct legal structure with its unique features. Like a company, it is an incorporated legal entity with separate legal personality but does not have shareholders and does not issue shares. It is managed by a Council in accordance with the terms of its Charter and holds assets in the Foundation’s own name on behalf of its beneficiaries, or for the purpose of the Foundation, and has fiduciary obligations.

Foundations are used primarily as asset-holding entities. The Founder will gift assets to it for the benefit of themselves and others, such as family or for a wider class of beneficiaries and is a popular structure for charitable giving.

They are attractive to clients from civil law jurisdictions who are less familiar with the concept of a trust.


Flexible structure that can be adapted to individual needs.

Minimal filing procedures.

Recognised and understood in civil law jurisdictions.

Appeal to those that may not be comfortable with the separation of legal and beneficial ownership, as it the case with trusts.

The founder can retain some control as he can select the councillors and can reserve limited powers to himself.

Can operate as a standalone, uncomplicated structure.

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Trusts & Foundations

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