Employer Pensions

“If you plan right, retirement is the time to enjoy everything you’ve worked hard for!”

Employer based pensions

Our employer-based proposition is built on great service, simple implementation, investment choice, flexibility in retirement and affordable pricing.

Our mission is to take the jargon out of pensions and make them accessible to everyone.
Our vision is to establish and manage your workplace pension scheme by creating a valuable solution that works for you and your employees..

Employers that make workplace pensions available to their employees are likely to attract higher quality employees and retain them over the long term.


Attract high qualified workers to your company

Valuable solutions that works for you and your employees

Simple, quick and cost-effective

Possible Tax benefits

and much more …

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Which option best suits your company?

Occupational pensions scheme

This option allows you, the employer, to set up a scheme tailored to your requirements. We design the scheme in consultation with you and draft your scheme’s legal documents in conjunction with Gibraltar legal advisers, to achieve a personalised scheme that is fully compliant with Gibraltar law and regulations.

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Personal pension plan

Employers can opt to make contributions to a personal pension plan on behalf of their employees. The employee submits an application to join our Prosperity Personal Pension Plan and species on the application form that their employer wishes to contribute to their individual scheme.
Under this option, the employee engages directly with us, as the pension trustee and scheme administrator. The employee is responsible for selecting their preferred investment route and retirement options, and can also make their own personal pension contributions and be eligible for tax relief on these contributions.

Which option best suits your company?

We offer a range of pension presentations to provide education, support and guidance to your employees on the importance of saving for retirement. These can be delivered at your office premises at your request.

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