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Wealth Management

Abacus Wealth serves the investment planning and wealth management needs of clients across Europe, including (but not limited to) Gibraltar, UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. We aim to provide the best advice in all cases to ensure that the highest standards of probity and professional investment decision-making are maintained. The core areas of financial advice offered include portfolio investments, mutual funds, life assurance, pension transfers, retirement planning and cash flow forecasts for both private individuals and corporate clients.

Abacus Wealth prides itself on its duty of care to clients. We are strong advocates of the modernisation of financial and investment services in line with current technological developments, fee transparency and the cost savings that these provide to clients. Our independence ensures a full focus on client needs, acting only in your best interests through the provision of unbiased, transparent and independent advice.


Multi-jurisdictional investments

Protecting, preserving and growing your wealth

Onshore and offshore investment advice

Pension and retirement planning solutions

Moving overseas – tax residency options

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Wealth Management

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