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Accounting Services

Our accounting services include:

Bookkeeping services

Assistance with audits and accountants’ reports

Preparation of annual statutory accounts for filing at the Gibraltar Registry

Tailor-made financial reporting

Tax Advisory

In today’s complex and demanding regulatory environment, it’s essential for clients to ensure that they have considered the impact of any tax rules that apply to their structures.

If you are setting up one or more Gibraltar companies, trusts, funds or foundations, you will need to consider, determine and document the basis on which your structure is taxed in Gibraltar, as much for the purpose of satisfying counter-parties such as banks that the structure is legitimate, as for ensuring that you are able to satisfy tax authorities in other jurisdictions of the legitimate basis of your business. Speak to us early on in order to engage us to advise on the tax background and obligations in Gibraltar of your structure or business.

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Our accounting services include:

Bookkeeping – preparation of a trial balance and supporting ledgers

Preparation and filing of statutory financial statements

Preparation of management accounts

Preparation of Trust accounts

Preparation of audit files and liaison with auditors

Completion and filing of Tax Returns

Preparation of legal documentation

Completion and filing of Dividend Returns

Fund accounting


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Tax Compliance Services

All Gibraltar companies have specific annual tax compliance obligations. These are not overly complex as they may be in other countries but they still require the assistance of qualified professionals to ensure that they are properly and fully discharged.

Personal Tax

High Net Worth Individuals (Category 2 individuals)
Category 2 individuals are taxed under the allowance-based system. Assessable income is capped, resulting in a maximum tax payable of £44,740 per annum. Unless pre-agreed with the Finance Centre Director, Category 2 individuals cannot engage in local trade, business, or employment. 

Category 2 individuals are required to file an annual tax return as well as make payments on account (by 31 January and 30 June) each year. 

If you are considering applying for Category 2 status and need assistance, please get in touch. Abacus will assist with the application process as well as the preparation and filing of the annual tax return, together with the calculation and settlement of payments on account. 

If you have a Gibraltar-based business or company, please contact our Tax team with a view to engaging us to look after these aspects for you.

Corporate Tax

Abacus will assist with all your corporate tax needs including the preparation and submission of a corporate tax computation and tax return. We also calculate the necessary payments on account and remind you when these are due. 

Payroll services

Although some may consider the preparation of payroll to be a routine and repetitive task, it is a very important one (and especially so for your staff!). Efficiency, accuracy and above all, confidentiality are key. 

There are many benefits to outsourcing your payroll function which include always having cover to ensure payroll is processed on time, receiving reminders to ensure all payments and filings are made on time as well as being made aware of any new requirements. 

The payroll team at Abacus provides an expert service, handling all administration and related matters efficiently. Our payroll services include the following: 

Maintaining and updating computerised salary records;

Preparation of weekly/monthly payroll and payslips; 

Assisting with completion of terms of engagement, variation of contract and termination forms; 

Processing starters and leavers; 

Preparation and filing of the annual P8, P10 and P12 forms; 

The distribution of P7’s to employees at year end; 

Assistance with applications for/renewals of work permits and visa’s. 

Abacus has a dedicated client payroll account and can process salary and tax payments on your behalf, if required. If you are new to Gibraltar or are considering transferring from an existing payroll provider, please contact us.

Liquidation services

Members’ voluntary liquidations

As circumstances change, what once worked for you may no longer suit your needs. Changes to market conditions, legislation or the sale of an asset are examples of why a company may no longer be required. 

A members’ voluntary liquidation is the process whereby the members voluntarily wind up the affairs of a company, with assets distributed out to stakeholders. A company must be solvent in order to begin the process of a voluntary liquidation, which takes several months and ends with the dissolution of the company. 

Our in-house insolvency practitioner is licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission to perform members’ voluntary liquidations. 

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