Relocation to Gibraltar: The what’s, why’s and how’s

June 2, 2021

The first question you need to ask yourself is; what are you aiming to achieve? Is it Gibraltar’s relaxed pace of life mixed with sunshine and strong family values that appeals to you most? Or the low taxation benefits on your dividends or pensions? Perhaps it is the idea of having Citizenship in a British territory where English is the main spoken language?

Once you have concluded your reasoning you need to look further into the reality and functionality of your relocation plan. How will you be providing and financing yourself in a new country? This could be through income generated from properties or businesses, a sufficient pension income due at retirement or by enjoying your life in the sun through an accumulation of capital and assets.

There are multiple factors that need to be thought through to ensure the jurisdiction is right for you. At Abacus we provide residency solutions for Gibraltar. We work closely with UK tax advisors to ensure your exit from the UK is well planned.

Aside from the good weather and great food, Gibraltar has many advantages to setting up a business. With only 10% corporation tax, Gibraltar provides the perfect gateway to the UK Market.

In addition to the attractive corporation tax rate, Gibraltar has zero inheritance tax, no capital gains tax, no VAT and no withholding tax. This has helped to place Gibraltar as a favourite jurisdiction for asset holding companies, intellectual property holding companies and marketing agencies. This also makes it a thriving financial hub for effective planning for taxation and finance.

Relocation is just one of the services Abacus has to offer. This means we will assist in your integration into your new life here in Gibraltar through the entire process. This can include anything from confirming your residency status, helping you find the perfect property, wealth management and even finding the best solution to manage your taxation and assets once you are here.

Other services we offer include:

Trusts – These can be used for a variety of different reasons including asset protection, maintaining family wealth, inheritance tax planning. Tax advice should be sought to ensure there are no adverse tax consequences. The number of trusts transferring from other providers in recent years continues to increase as beneficiaries require a more personalised service.

Corporate solutions for clients – Companies can be incorporated in any jurisdiction required providing there is a logical reason for the company. Gibraltar, Delaware, Malta, BVI, and Cyprus being the main jurisdictions that are used for Abacus clients.

Wealth Management – Abacus Wealth Management is an independent wealth management advisory firm which holds three licenses: 1) Category 3 Investment Firm under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID); 2) Insurance Intermediary (Life) under the Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD); and 3) Pensions Adviser.

Residency Solutions – Abacus provides residency solutions for Gibraltar high net worth individuals under the Category 2 tax regime for individuals with net assets of £2M+ or High Executives Possessing Special Skills (HEPPS) for individuals earning over £120,000 per year with a unique set of skills different from that currently available in Gibraltar.

Funds – Abacus is licensed to provide fund administration services for Private Funds, Experienced Investor Funds and Crypto Funds. Services include introductions to lawyers, auditors and banks in addition to provide company secretarial and fund accounting functions.

Pension Services – Abacus is licensed to provide pension trustee services to Gibraltar Personal Pensions, Gibraltar QROPS, Gibraltar QNUPS and Occupational Schemes.

Family Office Services – Abacus can provide a full range of family office services which can be tailored to the client needs.

Accountancy and Payroll services – Abacus provides accountancy services to client companies and funds in addition to payroll services for local companies.

Gibraltar Tax Returns – Abacus can complete both resident and non-resident company tax returns upon request.

Gibraltar liquidations – Abacus can provide liquidations to Gibraltar companies if required.

It is important to consider when making your decision on residency, jurisdiction or any of the above that most countries now have anti-avoidance provisions in place and a controlled foreign company regime.

We do not charge for an initial consultation and will only proceed with a structure should it work for you.


Written by Leanne Rocca

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