Are you considering relocating to Gibraltar?

February 8, 2022

Abacus provides a full relocation service to individuals whether they are relocating for lifestyle, to be closer to family, tax efficiency or employment purposes.

Firstly, can you enter Gibraltar without a visa? See Gibraltar Borders & Coast Guard Agency - Visa & Entry for further information.

There are different types of residency available in Gibraltar which we can assist with:

-         Ordinary residence – you would need to spend 183days in Gibraltar, have a rental contract for 6 months or longer (or purchase a property), and an employment contract to qualify for this status.


-         HEPSS (High Executive Possessing Special Skills)– this status is to attract specialist skills to Gibraltar which are not readily available within Gibraltar. The HEPSS status is granted for the company which the individual works for. The tax is capped on the first £160,000 of income. To meet the criteria you must rent or purchase a premium property which we can advise upon. You are required to be present in Gibraltar for 183 days minimum.


-         Category 2 – This status is for high net worth individuals with net assets greater than £2 million. The individual’s minimum tax payable would be £32,000 and the maximum £37,310,regardless of their worldwide income. To meet the criteria for this status, you must have a premium property available for your use, private medical insurance and be clearly able to demonstrate and show valuations of your assets. The great advantage of this tax status is that there is no minimum day requirement to be in Gibraltar although the individual must be careful not to become tax resident in any other country.

Abacus can assist with:

-         Application for residency

-         Finding a suitable property

-         Arranging private medical insurance

-         Setting up of a company

-         Registration of company with Employment Trading Board

-         Registration of company with tax office

-         Business licence application

-         Details regarding Gibraltar Health Authority

-         Details of Gibraltar Education System

-         Payroll

-         Accounts and tax returns

-         Pension services

-         Wealth management (via our sister company)


Written by Philip Cartwright

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