A word from our CEO

February 2, 2022

With the echo of Auld Lang Syne a fading memory, I write as we are told we seem to be coming to the end of the pandemic.

Of course, Auld Lang Syne means “times long past” and, goodness, don’t we all wish that Covid-19 would be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Which in itself is an interesting phrase.

I mean, why do people so often write about history as a dustbin? It seems to me that the past is unfairly much-maligned. It is, after all, the reason why we are who we are today. Even Shakespeare couldn’t resist the urge to rubbish the past: “…and all our yesterdays are but lighted fools, the way to dusty death”. OK so that was Macbeth who wasn’t exactly a fun guy to be around but still the past gets a bad rap generally.

Our present at Abacus is changing fast as we embed our latest bit of user-friendly tech. It’s called Sum Sub which, perhaps because I’m in later middle-age, I actually find quite hard to say.

But there’s nothing hard about Sum Sub.

When you decide to join the Abacus family as a client, you receive an email with a link that takes you straight to an online page. This allows you to upload the essential documents we need to on-board you as a client. It’s easy, it’s fast and, providing you have the right stuff, you are accelerated into acceptance of your intended structure, be it a company, trust, foundation, private or EIF fund or pension account.

If yours is one of our many impending new client projects, I really hope you enjoy using it but of course call me (+350 200 78777) if you want to talk to me about any issues you have with it.

Also changing is the membership of our main Board, catapulting us into the future.

I’m delighted to have welcomed Joanne Rodriguez, the leader of our new business and marketing division, and Melissa Victory-Penalver, one of our leaders in the fiduciary practice at Abacus, as Directors. They join me and Adrian Mansfield, our Managing Director on the Board. It’s a real privilege to be serving clients in the company of such experienced and distinguished professionals and I’m grateful for their enthusiasm, diligence and adherence to quality in all we do.

Thanks for your business – at Abacus we never take clients for granted. We know that we need to work hard to retain your loyalty and that retaining clients is twice as difficult as winning them.

Fortunately, our history with you is not a dustbin and counts for something. But we know we are only as good as today’s relationship and tomorrow’s transaction.

I fervently hope that we can continue to look to a future with you alongside us.

Written by Christopher Pitaluga

CEO of Abacus Financial Services Limited

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