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Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme

A QROPS is recognised by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) as an overseas pension scheme that has met certain qualifying criteria, and can accept transfers from UK registered pension schemes. When used effectively, a QROPS may provide generous benefits to clients who have built up UK pensions over their working lives, and have now moved abroad or are considering doing so. Brochure

Under the Abacus group of companies, we have applied over 40 years of professional trusteeship experience and know-how to our own QROPS offering. We are the trustees and administrators for our Gibraltar Prosperity QROPS.

Tax Efficiency

QROPS should be a significant area of consideration in tax planning arrangements for anyone who has contributed to a UK pension. QROPS can enjoy many tax benefits, such as a pension commencement lump sum of up to 30%, a very low rate, if any, of income tax on your pension income after age 55, no tax on the income and growth of the underlying investments in your pension fund, no UK inheritance tax on your pension benefits, and where applicable, can be a great method for Lifetime Allowance planning. Please refer to our Prosperity QROPS brochure for further information, or consult your Independent Financial Adviser.


Extensive Investment Choice

A wide range of investment options are available within our QROPS. In broad terms, this may include cash, bonds, equities, funds and commercial property.



Take control of your pension. As from age 55 you can take flexible pension income withdrawals, within certain criteria, to suit your lifestyle. There is no longer the need to have fixed pension income for life.



A QROPS gives you the choice of denominating your pension fund in currencies other than Sterling, such as Euro and US Dollars. This may suit your country of residency in retirement and may help you eliminate exchange rate fluctuations in your pension income.



Consolidate all your UK pensions into one QROPS.
A QROPS may accept transfers from more than one UK pension scheme, therefore enabling the consolidation of several pensions into one pension scheme.

This results in a simpler, easier to manage retirement solution, and facilitates your annual pension review. This review is extremely important to ensure your pension is on track to achieve your retirement goals.

An Attractive QROPS Jurisdiction

There is no requirement for you to be a resident in the jurisdiction chosen for your QROPS. Gibraltar is an HMRC recognised compliant jurisdiction which deducts a relatively low rate of withholding tax (2.5%) from QROPS pension income. It is an English-speaking EU territory, and is easily accessible from UK, Spain or Portugal for those with a preference for face to face interaction. Your financial adviser will help you decide whether Gibraltar is the best jurisdiction for your specific circumstances.


Malta QROPS Jurisdiction

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Fixed Pricing

Our Prosperity QROPS offers a fixed initial and annual pricing structure, which is fully transparent and can be more favourable than a percentage based charging structure. This is particularly true for larger schemes.


How can we help?

Through our Prosperity QROPS, we offer a simple and dedicated service to help you make what you want out of retirement.
You can trust us to understand your retirement goals and your pension assets over the long-term. This means before you retire, whilst you enjoy retirement, and eventually, when you pass on your wealth to your nominated beneficiaries. We have 40 years expertise as professional trustees to guide you, with confidence, through the financial aspects of retirement.
We work with regulated professional partners to offer specialist expert help and advice regarding the suitability of transferring your UK pensions into a QROPS, and to encourage a tailored and professional approach to investment selection.

Simplify your retirement planning

We will guide you through this complex investment selection and help you design an investment strategy that matches your risk profile and your retirement objectives.

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