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Provision of Registrar & Transfer Agent Services


Provision of Registrar and Transfer Agent Services


1.     This schedule sets out the scope of the Registrar and Transfer Agent Services that we will provide   Any terms contained within this schedule apply only to the Services specified.


2.      Subscriptions

 We shall receive on behalf of the Fund all applications for Participation Shares;


(a)           upon receipt by us on behalf of the Fund of an application form, we shall forthwith advise the Directors by Proper Instructions who shall confirm to the applicant on behalf of the Fund the acceptance or rejection of such application, and any receipt of subscription monies;


(b)          upon confirmation by Proper Instructions from the Directors to us of the acceptance of any such application as aforesaid and as to whether such application shall be satisfied by a fresh issue of Participation Shares or the transfer of Participation shares held by the Directors, we shall, on behalf of the Fund, forthwith, under Proper Instructions from the Directors, confirm to the applicant for Participation Shares the number of Participation Shares allotted or transferred; 


(c)         in the event of the Directors rejecting in whole or in part any such application as aforesaid the Directors will notify us by Proper Instructions of such rejection together with confirmation that the aggregate of the subscription monies together with any initial charge or part thereof to the applicant has been returned in accordance with the settlement procedures of the Fund’s Articles of Association.


3.        Redemptions

       We shall receive on behalf of the Fund all requests for redemption or conversion of Participation Shares;


(a)             forthwith upon receipt by us on behalf of the Fund of any request for redemption or conversion as aforesaid, we shall advise the
Directors by Proper Instructions of such request and the Directors shall forthwith send to us by Proper Instructions a statement specifying the redemption price of the participation shares to be redeemed and the total amount payable, such statement to be certified by us or the Fund as being correctly calculated under the Fund’s Articles of Association;


(b)             upon receipt of such statements as aforesaid from the Directors and, if required, an endorsed share certificate from the applicant
for redemption, we shall, on behalf of the Fund, issue confirmation of receipt to such applicant and thereafter shall inform the Depository by Proper Instructions, who shall pay to the applicant (on behalf of the Fund) the amount due in the relevant currency in accordance with the settlement procedure in the Fund’s Articles of Association out of the monies held in the name of and on behalf of the Fund provided that the Directors shall then be left holding sufficient uninvested moneys of the Fund.


4.        Registrations

       We shall in our capacity as Registrar to the Fund:


(a)           be responsible for setting up and keeping the register of members of the Fund (hereinafter called “the Register”) in accordance with
the Fund’s Articles of Association and any applicable statutory provisions for the time being in force;

                    enter on the Register all issues, allotments, or redemptions of shares in the Fund;


(b)         take reasonable and proper precautions for the safe custody of the Register and of transfers and other documents from time to time received in performance of our duties hereunder;


(c)         certify transfers which may be presented for certification, being entitled and bound to certify transfers against production of certificates or other documents of title apparently in order for or including the shares to which such transfer relates showing prima facie that the person or persons executing or purporting to execute such transfer is the person or are the persons in whose name or names the shares comprised therein are registered or are otherwise entitled to execute such transfer. We shall not be required before certifying a transfer to verify the signature of the transferor or to investigate in any manner his position or title to the shares or any question connected with such transfer whether or not the transferor may have other dealings with or be otherwise known to us or some servant or agent of the ours and whether or not we may have knowledge of circumstances which do or might put us upon enquiry as to the validity or propriety of the transfer. We shall notify the Directors by Proper Instructions of the registration of any such transfer as aforesaid but shall not be bound to do so before certifying and registering the transfer;


a.   receive, record, and deal with, as may be appropriate, probate, letters of administration, powers of attorney, dividend mandates, stop notices, arrests, vesting orders, certificates of marriage or death, notices of change of name and other documents affecting the title to shares or any dividends payable thereon or affecting the Register;


(d)        make the register available for inspection as required by the law or the Fund’s Articles of  Association and supply copies of the register or of any part thereof within the period allowed by the law, charging a reasonable fee to be paid to and retained by us.



“Proper instructions” means instructions given in writing or by facsimile machine or other electronic means of transmitting written instructions. We may also act pursuant to oral instructions which shall subsequently be confirmed in writing and such oral instructions shall be given by a designated person and confirmed as aforesaid shall be deemed to be Proper Instructions.








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