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Provision of General Administrative Services



Provision of General Administrative Services


  1. This schedule sets out the scope of the General Administrative Services that we will provide. Any terms contained within this schedule apply only to the General Administrative Services specified. Subject to the overall control of the Directors of the Fund, we shall be responsible for the General Administration of the Fund, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing we shall, in particular:


  • keep or cause to be kept at its premises such books, records and statements as may be necessary to give a complete record of all assets and documents of title held and transactions carried out by it on behalf of the Fund and shall permit the Fund, the Directors and any person authorised by the Directors and the auditor to inspect such books, records and statements, at all reasonable times, it being acknowledged that the books of account of the Fund will be kept and prepared by us or any person appointed to do so on our behalf;


  • provide information concerning the Fund to any person requiring information at the request of the Directors, deal with and reply to all correspondence and other communications addressed to the Fund and provide information concerning the price of the Participation Shares;


  • Deposit monies received in relation to the subscription of shares in such account or accounts;


  • if dividends are declared by the Fund, deliver to the Custodian a statement of the total amount payable by way of dividend and the date of payment; (ADD: preparation and reporting of dividend or other payment warrants to investors)


  • where we deem it necessary or appropriate take all such other action as may be required in connection with the performance of our duties hereunder.


“Proper instructions” means instructions given in writing or by facsimile machine or other electronic means of transmitting written instructions. We may also act pursuant to oral instructions which shall subsequently be confirmed in writing and such oral instructions shall be given by a designated person and confirmed as aforesaid shall be deemed to be Proper Instructions.


Banking – ongoing payments (where we are signatories/joint or otherwise).

Ongoing Regulatory Reporting (GFSC / CIMA as the case may be) to cover submission of accounts where applicable (or assisting auditors in same), EIF returns, AIFMD returns and other supervisory returns as required

Other investor reporting as requested by the Directors/Investors (outside of that determined by the Fund’s Constitutional Documents as noted within Accounting Services)

Annual FATCA/CRS reporting / AEOI reporting

Ongoing KYC / due diligence checks (e.g. new investors) and reviews

a) processing and executing bank instructions upon receipt of duly authorised instructions from the Directors;

b) opening of bank accounts and completion of all due diligence information required by the bank (please note if Directors are engaged under the terms of this engagement the bank account will be under the control of the Board of Directors);

c) investment of funds in accordance with the authority of the Directors;

d) handling of correspondence with third parties;

e) compliance by the Company with all regulations and ensuring that the Company complies with all statutory filings as may be required by the due dates;

f) preparation and review of agreements and obtaining legal opinions where appropriate;

g) provision of safe custody facilities as appropriate;

h) carrying out such administrative tasks as may be requested by the Directors from time to time

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