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Provision of Fund Incorporation Services



Provision of Fund Incorporation & Set-up Services


This schedule sets out the scope of the Fund Incorporation & Set-up Services that we will provide. Any terms contained within this schedule apply only to the Fund Incorporation & Set-up Services specified. In accordance with Proper Instructions, we shall:



a)       Arrange for the incorporation of a Company and liaise with the relevant statutory authorities;

b)       Provision of Registered Office if required.  Our address will be made available as the registered or administrative office of the Company and will be notified to the appropriate statutory authorities as required by applicable law. The name, address, telephone and fax numbers and electronic addresses of AFSL shall not (without our prior written consent) appear on any notepaper or other documentation of the Company or in any advertising material.

c)      Assist with the structuring of the Fund in conjunction with the Fund’s directors and lawyers ;

d)     Obtain legal advice in relation to applicable regulations and the drafting of fund documentation;

e)     Establishment of fund accounting policies and operational procedures including the determination of suitable accounting and valuation methods to be employed by the Fund

f)       Coordinate execution of operating agreements;

g)     Open and maintain such bank accounts in the name of the Fund as may be requested; 

h)   Procure director services as required;

Review of the Fund’s offering documents and providing feedback and comments on same or assisting with the drafting of same

Registration with Companies House as CIS

Registration with GFSC for AIFMD

Assisting with the registration of the Fund with the applicable regulator (CIMA / GFSC)

Initial due diligence / KYC on fund’s officers / promoters etc and seed investors

Initial FATCA / CRS registration / Obtaining GIIN / registration with applicable Tax Information Authority

Obtaining ISIN where applicable and assisting in registration with any exchange


Proper instructions” means instructions given in writing or by facsimile machine or other electronic means of transmitting written instructions. We may also act pursuant to oral instructions which shall subsequently be confirmed in writing and such oral instructions shall be given by a designated person and confirmed as aforesaid shall be deemed to be Proper Instructions.

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