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Provision of Company Secretarial Services


Provision of Company Secretarial Services


1.           This schedule sets out the scope of the Company Secretarial Services that we will provide. Any terms contained within this schedule apply only to the Company Secretarial Services specified. In accordance with Proper Instructions, we shall:


a)     assist with the organisation of Board Meetings in Gibraltar and elsewhere as the case may be;


b)     ensure that all relevant filings are made and matters of local compliance are dealt with;


c)      maintain the statutory records of the Company in good standing;


d)   deal with the maintenance and safe custody of the Common Seal of the Company and ensuring the affixing of the Common Seal in accordance with the directions of the Board of Directors,


e)      assist with the drafting of minutes of Directors’ and Shareholders’ meetings when required;


f)       prepare and arrange for the holding of the Annual General Meeting of the Company;


g)      prepare and file any notices or returns as required by applicable law;


h)      arrange transfers of shares;


i)       record allotments, share transfers and issue share certificates as appropriate;


j)       arrange for the certification, notarisation, legalisation and apostille of documents when required;


k)      assist with changes to the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association Bye-Laws, Constitution or Regulations when required;


l)       arrange for alterations to share capital when required;


m)    arrange for the change of the Company’s name, its objects, Directors, and Secretary when required;



“Proper instructions” means instructions given in writing or by facsimile machine or other electronic means of transmitting written instructions. We may also act pursuant to oral instructions which shall subsequently be confirmed in writing and such oral instructions shall be given by a designated person and confirmed as aforesaid shall be deemed to be Proper Instructions.


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