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You decide which investment option you prefer

Your pension is considered to be in the growth stage whilst you are making your contributions until you approach your selected retirement age. This period of time normally involves a large number of years. It is important to give your pension fund the best opportunity to work hard and grow over these years so you may have a potentially larger fund at retirement.

Our Prosperity Personal Pension Plans offers you 2 options:

Model Portfolios

A range of ready-made lifestyle investment profiles.

Designed to make it simple for you to save for retirement.

Investments are expertly selected and managed so that you don’t have to worry about them.

Investment platform held at Turicum Private Bank, Gibraltar.

Automatic lifestyle switching to a lower risk portfolio as you approach retirement age.

Low cost option.

Bespoke Service

You select and manage your own investments with the help of a professional financial adviser.

Wide range of investments, subject to trustee approval.

Create an investment strategy tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Further questions? Contact:

Erica Power

Expert in Pension Administration
Tel: +00350 200 78777 ext 385

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