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You decide how you want to fund your pension plan.

Regular Contributions

Monthly, quarterly or annually.
Minimum: £100 per month or equivalent.
You can stop, start or change your contributions at any time.
Offers you flexibility to adapt to your lifestyle circumstances.

Single Premiums

You can make one-off lump sum payments when you have surplus cash.
Minimum: £1,000.
This allows you to give your pension plan a boost whenever it’s convenient for you or use up any unused tax relief for the current tax year.

Transfers In

You can transfer in an existing pension plan you may have that is registered in Gibraltar or the Channel Islands.
This allows you to consolidate your pensions and makes it easier for you to keep track of your retirement savings.

Pension contributions may also attract tax relief in Gibraltar under both the Allowance Based System and the Gross Income Based System as set out in the Gibraltar Income Tax rules.

The Prosperity Personal Pension Plan also allows your employer to make pension contributions into your plan on your behalf.

Further questions? Contact:

Erica Power

Expert in Pension Administration
Tel: +00350 200 78777 ext 385

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