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At the end of last month, we moved to our new offices and celebrated the occasion in style. The inauguration party, hosted at our lavish new premises, 5-9 Main Street, Gibraltar, was very well attended with clients, guests and representatives of the financial sector, both in Gibraltar and beyond.

CEO Christopher Pitaluga, who has been looking forward to the event for a long time, welcomed and thanked everyone for their attendance and emphasised just how much has changed and the extent of the firm’s growth. “When I joined Abacus in 1995 I think I was the eighth person in the room. Today we are fifty four, which in just over twenty years is pretty good going”. He also thanked Chairman Robert Guest for his loyal partnership and dedication to the firm throughout the years. However, these were not the only words he had reserved for his partner, claiming in jest that he was “getting old” and that he had actually found a replacement for him. On this note, he surprised his partner, and all present, by introducing ex England football international and Arsenal legend Ray Parlour. Ray was welcomed warmly as he entertained everyone with memoirs from his illustrious fourteen year career at Arsenal. ‘The Romford Pele’ retold stories citing such names as Ian Wright, Thierry Henry and Arsene Wenger. As the party ensued Ray mingled with everyone in the crowd, taking pictures with just about every person in the room.

There was more significance to the move than just a physical change of address. Over the years we have enjoyed more than just a professional relationship with PwC. Not only have we shared a heritage which we are extremely proud of, but we have also shared office space with them since the partnership began. However, in 2012, when both firms split by mutual consent, and in an amicable manner, Abacus decided that there was a need to recreate its own identity and emphasise its independence and the move has typified exactly that. Although CEO Chris describes how he enjoyed his time at the old offices at the ICC, he explained that moving into our new offices “was almost a rebooting of who we are and what we do”. It not only represents a physical separation but a separation of identity, ambition and branding. The new premises, which ironically is only a stone’s throw away from our old office is a first class, four storey building in the heart of town, a symbol of our new aspirations for the future. The move has also come at an exciting time when we have diversified and extended our product line. We have always maintained a largely international client base and are now proud to also provide pension and retirement solutions for our local marketplace.

As we settle into our stylish new offices we look forward to the times ahead!

Abacus Gibraltar