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Abacus in Hong Kong

Abacus Horizons offers a full range of bespoke services for those wishing to invest in, or become resident in the United Kingdom and other select locations.

Our aim is to ensure that you make accurately informed decisions, which will prepare you and your family for success in your chosen jurisdiction, and to support you before, during and after your move.

Whether you are seeking residency, considering providing a first class education for your children, acquiring a home, land and real estate for your family, or investing in overseas business, our comprehensive professional services will provide you with everything you need to give your family openings overseas and build upon the successes you have already achieved.

Work with Abacus Horizons and our experienced strategic partners to ensure a smooth transition to the opportunities offered by life, study and work in your chosen location.

Investing in the United Kingdom, if properly structured and professionally managed, can qualify you for the right to live permanently in the UK.  As a UK Tier 1 Investor or Entrepreneur visa applicant, you deserve the best possible chance of success as you go through the complex process of seeking residency far from home – navigating the process with Abacus Horizons maximizes your chance of lasting success.

Our services are as follows:

  • UK Tier 1 Immigration Visas
  • Pre-Arrival Tax Advice & Structuring
  • Opening UK Bank Accounts
  • Education Services
  • Real Estate and Land Acquisition
  • Corporate Services
  • Security Assessment and Implementation
  • Resettlement
  • Philanthropy Advisory

Our service team includes:

  • Financial services advisors
  • Investment advisors and strategists
  • Fund managers
  • Property management consultants
  • In-house Legal Counsel
  • Immigration lawyers
  • Tax and offshore consultants
  • Business acquisition consultants
  • Property search agents
  • Property investment and management consultants
  • UK migration experts
  • UK education advisors

Ian Godfrey – Director, Abacus Horizons Limited

Born and raised in the UK, following his early career in general insurance and the Royal Air Force, Ian spent most of the 1990s living in France where he worked with a Christian NGO and as a professional language trainer, during this time he travelled extensively in Europe and East Asia, first visiting China in late 1990.

Since 1999, aside from a period in the UK studying at the University of London and Kingston University, Ian has lived in Greater China where he read Mandarin Chinese at Beijing Normal University from 2002-2003.

Ian’s long-term international experience and first-hand engagement with China gives him a rare depth of understanding of the country and its people, which has given him the ability to build strong, lasting relationships across cultural lines with people from all social strata; adept at facilitating, building and maintaining cross-cultural relationships in Mandarin Chinese, French and English.

Ian returned to the financial services sector in Hong Kong with an insurance brokerage in 2010, where he also worked with a number of multi-national property agencies, helping their clients gain an understanding of the intricacies of being an overseas owner of UK property.

Intrigued by the Blockchain, from late 2016 Ian acted as a consultant for Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar; helping strengthen relationships between Gibraltar’s public and private enterprises and Chinese governmental and non-governmental individuals and entities.  Recently, this has included welcoming Minister Counsellor Mr. Jin Xu, of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the UK, to Gibraltar along with a high-level public and private sector delegation.

Ian joined Abacus in 2018 to develop the group’s business in Greater China, East and South-East Asia through its Asia Pacific company, Abacus Horizons.

Need support? Contact:

Ian Godfrey

BA(Hons), FRAS

Abacus Gibraltar