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Gibraltar, the ideal jurisdiction to establish a fund

Abacus provides the full range of services to the fund industry, covering all Gibraltar fund types and associated services through our strategic partners across Gibraltar’s financial services industry.

Registration and Company Secretarial Services

Launch and registration of a firm requires both the filing of certain documents with the relevant authorities and the execution of a number of actions as follows:

  • Incorporation of a Gibraltar private company limited by shares or a Protected Cell Company;
  • The registration of the company as a collective investment scheme with the GFSC and Companies House as well as the relevant payment for the initial registration with the GFSC and annual GFSC fee;
  • Registration of the company/fund at the Income Tax Office and subsequent filings;
  • Review of the Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”) to ensure consistency with the Articles of the company and filing of the same with the GFSC;
  • Provision of Registered Office and Company Secretary;
  • Maintenance of statutory records and compliance with annual statutory requirements, namely the filing of statutory accounts with Companies House, and annual return;
  • Attendance and drafting of minutes in relation to directors’ meetings and an annual general meeting.

Tax compliance services

  • Registration of the fund/company with the Gibraltar Tax Office
  • Preparation and submission of annual tax return
  • Preparation and submission of dividend returns, as and when required
  • Applying the relevant tax exemptions from the Gibraltar Tax Office
  • Arranging for final payments of tax and payments on account, when applicable

Fund Administration Services

  • Accounting services
  • Full ledger accounting
  • Calculation of the fund’s Net Asset Valuation on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Individual investor reports
  • Calculation and disbursement of management, advisory and/or performance fees
  • Review and payment of invoices in relation to other expenses

Registrar and Transfer Agent Services

  • Processing subscriptions and redemptions>
  • Preparation and filing of returns, issue of share certificates as well as ancillary documents that may apply in relation to subscription (s) and redemption (s)
  • Communications with shareholders as required; and
  • Preparation and mailing of client statements (investor sheets/summaries) as necessary.
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