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Starting your Fintech business in Gibraltar

Once you have analysed the merits of Gibraltar’s DLT regulatory framework and decided that Gibraltar is the right jurisdiction for your business, there are several main steps to follow:

Seek a legal opinion from a Gibraltar lawyer


Incorporate a Gibraltar company



Apply to the GFSC for the necessary business licence


Open a bank account


Legal Assistance

Obtaining the right legal advice and guidance is fundamental to establishing your business successfully in Gibraltar. A lawyer will assist with the drafting of your white paper, essential to apply for a regulatory licence as well as to open a bank account. We can work with a lawyer of your choice, or if you have not yet appointed a lawyer, we work with a panel of independent legal advisors, and are able to recommend a suitable lawyer in Gibraltar. We will work closely with you and your lawyer to get to understand your business plan and objectives and see how we can best assist. We will also liaise with you and your lawyer in areas such as corporate governance, anti-money laundering, raising business capital and structuring your new business for optimal tax efficiency.

Gibraltar Company Incorporation

We have been incorporating and managing companies in Gibraltar as well as in other jurisdications for over 40 years. Our expertise ranges from small start ups to large complex corporate structures. We understand the Fintech industry is evolving at a super fast pace and our aim is to provide a quick, efficient, reliable and hassle free service for your Gibraltar business start up.

We provide a choice of 2 options when you approach us for your Gibraltar company incorporation, and you select which best fits your needs.

1. An all inclusive company start up package.

This is a basic start up company formation and management package that inludes everything required to operate a compliant business in Gibraltar. It has been designed to be simple, quick, effective and low cost. Once you select the basic all inclusive package at our fixed set up and annual fee, there is also a range of optional add on services that you can select on an individual basis, at an additional cost per service, and add these on to your basic package, so you can tailor it to your specific business needs. Our all inclusive start up package is effective for 3 years from the date of incorparation, at which point a full company review will be undertaken.

The contents of our all inclusive company start up package and the additional services offered are shown in the charts below/overleaf.

2. A tailored company formation and management service.

This is a tailored solution, where we have a detailed discussion with yourself or your lawyer to understand what your requirements are. We then present you with a company incorporation and management proposal that includes our recommended provision of services and and our proposed fees. This service may be more suitable for a business start up with more specific requirements, for instance, regading the appointment of directors with a specific skill set, more complex shareholding requirements or the use of a non-standard corporate vehicle.
This tailored approach also applies to our fund administration services.

Applying for a business licence

As from the 3rd January 2018, all business start ups wishing to operate from Gibraltar under the new DLT framework will require a business licence. We are familiar with the Gibraltar regulations and, together with your lawyer, can assist with the necessary paperwork to help your business apply for the necessary permissions.

Opening bank accounts

Opening a bank account for a Fintech business can be a complex matter. Gibraltar has tight due diligence and business compliance processes. Banks often prefer to accept new account opening applications from authorised intermediaries who understand the nature of the business, the source of funds and their banking requirements. We have a trusted professional relationship with the two banks in Gibraltar, Turicum Private Bank and Gibraltar International Bank, that at this present time, consider applications from Fintech start ups that wish to benefit from the DLT regulations. We can assist with this and simplify the account opening process.




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