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The dramatic changes in banking over recent years represent a challenge which has made opening and maintaining a bank account more complex than ever before.

As they attempt to manage risk, banks are sometimes inflexible and adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to client acceptance. In many cases our status as licensed professional intermediaries afford us the opportunity to engage the bank to secure a more thorough personalised review of each applicant. This may save you time, reduce costs and avoid frustration.

How can we help?

Abacus has a team of experienced bankers whose close professional relationships with both local and international banks in the retail, private and investment banking domains can help clients navigate their way through the demanding banking requirements to open your account.

After an analysis of your business, we will assess which bank is most suitable for your business needs and make the account opening procedure easier.

We assist with:

Bank recommendation and selection
Opening a bank account within the required time frame
Acting as your Eligible Introducer
Obtaining the finance that you require

Need support? Contact:

Joanne Rodriguez


Associate Director

Abacus Gibraltar